🧠What Is A Second Brain?

  • A Second Brain is an idea from Tiago Forte, it is a concept from the field of Person Knowledge Management, known as PKM. The idea is that over time you build up a huge digital notebook of anything you read, watch or listen to - that resonates with you. You use the system to sort your ideas and convert them into creative output. The YouTube video, 10 Fundamental Principles Of A Second Brain by [[ Ali Abdaal ]] gives you more of an in-depth look at what he got out of the Building A Second Brain course.

📝How I Take Notes?

  • As my notes are for me, I am aware that the majority of people that encounter them - may need a bit of explination
  • At the top of each note is a section called ‘metadata’ this is where I classify the note by topic and subtopic
  • At the end of each note I always note the source that I got it from and on which date the note was taken

As with any digital garden - these notes are for me and I want to share the knowledge I gather with the world. Everyone’s system for taking notes is different, and right for them. It is based on Niklas Luhman’s Zettelkasten system, and though his was a lot different in mine the idea behind it remains the same. Creating an network of thoughts, ideas and resources that you can use to create content.

🧠How to navigate the second brain?

  • There is no navigation to start from. Simply select an area that interests you and have a look at what I have.
  • The idea is that you just dive in and explore.

Although I understand the benefit of diving in whereever, I also know that is how some people’s brains work. They need structure, or a loose one at least. This is where my library training kicks in, I organise my entire life and knowledge by the [[ Dewey Decimal System ]] - so this is how I chose to knowledge my zettelkasten. Ergo, the DDC is found in libraries, so a good place to start may be by entering The Library.

Alternativly, if you want to just look at the media I have consumed, than start at one of the following pages:

You are free to roam anywhere from here. But remember, some ideas or notes might be difficult to understand. It’s because these notes are not written for you. They are written for myself. To aid and evolve my thinking, to help me learn, to create and explore ideas.

If you want to know more about me, you can head over to the About section.

Otherwise - have fun exploring.